China's Landspace gears up for 3rd launch of its methane-powered rocket

03.12.2023 15:00,

The Zhuque-2 was the first methane-fueled rocket to reach Earth orbit, and the Chinese private spaceflight company Landspace is set to launch it again later on Dec. 5....

From Earth orbit to the moon: Europe's I-Hab continues Spacelab 40-year legacy

03.12.2023 14:00,

A legacy of European-built and operated space modules, which began in Earth orbit and is now heading for the moon, got its start with Spacelab 40 years ago....

1st launch of Europe's Ariane 6 rocket finally has June 2024 launch target

03.12.2023 14:00,

After a 4-year delay, the new heavy-lift rocket for Europe is almost ready for space. Ariane 6 should launch for the European Space Agency no earlier than June 15....

Axiom Space's 3rd private mission will conduct pioneering microgravity experiments on ISS

03.12.2023 12:00,

Set to launch to the ISS in Jan. 2024, the commercial mission Axiom-3 will continue to push the frontiers of science by conducting an array of experiments in microgravity....

SpaceX launches 23 more Starlink satellites from Florida (video)

03.12.2023 05:18,

SpaceX launched another 23 Starlink internet satellites from Florida on Saturday night (Dec. 2).

This Week In Space podcast: Episode 89 — Who’s in Charge in Space?

02.12.2023 15:16,

On Episode 89 of This Week In Space, Tariq and Rod discuss the challenges of regulating spaceflight.

Unwrapping Uranus and its icy secrets: What NASA would learn from a mission to a wild world

02.12.2023 15:00,

Unvisited by spacecraft for more than 35 years, Uranus inhabits one of the least explored regions of our solar system....

Lockheed Martin's 'Tantrum' tech could help get satellites up and running without the wait

02.12.2023 14:00,

Lockheed Martin and Firefly Aerospace are combining to launch a demonstrator that aims to slash the time it takes spacecraft payloads to become operational....

The Peregrine Lunar Lander is set to launch on Dec 24. Here's what it'll bring to the moon

02.12.2023 14:00,

There will be 20 total payloads being brought to the moon, five of which are NASA's.

'Star Wars' has changed the English language. Here's how

02.12.2023 12:00,

A new study explores the powerful influence of "Star Wars" in the modern vocabulary of the English language.

How to watch 'Doctor Who' anniversary specials: Stream 'Wild Blue Yonder' from anywhere today

01.12.2023 23:30,

How to watch "Doctor Who" anniversary special Wild Blue Yonder online on Disney Plus and BBC iPlayer.

NASA's Artemis 3 astronaut moon landing unlikely before 2027, GAO report finds

01.12.2023 22:00,

NASA's endeavor to return humans to the moon during the Artemis 3 mission will likely be delayed because it is jeopardized by "multiple challenges" and an ambitious schedule....

NASA Welcomes Angola as Newest Artemis Accords Signatory

01.12.2023 21:51, NASA Breaking News

During a ceremony in Washington Nov. 30, Angola became the 33rd country to sign the Artemis Accords. The Artemis Accords establish a practical set of principles to guide space exploration cooperation among nations, including those participating in...

This 'forbidden' exoplanet is way too massive for its star

01.12.2023 21:00,

Astronomers have discovered a planet 13 times as massive as Earth orbiting a star nine times less massive than the sun, a disparity in size that shouldn’t exist and challenges planet formation models....

The beautifully bizarre animated classic 'Fantastic Planet' turns 50 today

01.12.2023 20:00,

Director René Laloux's sublime animated sci-fi film "Fantastic Planet" blows out 50 birthday candles

'For All Mankind' season 4 episode 4 review: The shove that shook two worlds

01.12.2023 18:59,

As tensions between East and West intensify, a workplace dispute and a cover-up in Roscosmos have major ramifications on both Earth and Mars....

Erickson to Retire after Over 40 Years of Service

01.12.2023 18:46, NASA Breaking News

December 1, 2023 It is my pleasure to share information about new hires within NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD) on this blog, and it is also my bittersweet duty to share information about retirements. After 40 years with NASA, Kristen...

A mysterious river of gas flowing into the Milky Way has stars inside after all

01.12.2023 17:59,

For the first time since its discovery, scientists have found stars within the Magellanic Stream, a mighty river of hydrogen gas emanating from two small galaxies in the outskirts of the Milky Way....

How to see and track the Tiangong Chinese space station

01.12.2023 17:48,

Since 2021, China's Tiangong space station has orbited Earth, offering amateur astronomers a chance to glimpse it....

NASA Honors Steve Jurczyk, Former Acting Administrator, Space Leader

01.12.2023 17:32, NASA Breaking News

Former NASA Acting Administrator Steve Jurczyk passed away Nov. 23, at the age of 61, following a battle with pancreatic cancer. During his career, which spanned more than three decades with the agency, Jurczyk rose in ranks to associate...