Secret US Spy Satellite Heading to Low-Earth Orbit, SpaceX Launch License Shows

30.04.2017 13:24,

The U.S. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) isn't saying much about its new spy satellite, now scheduled to blast off on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket Monday (May 1), but it will be heading into low-Earth orbit, SpaceX's launch license shows.

Rocket Sensor Glitch Scrubs SpaceX's First Spy Satellite Launch

30.04.2017 13:22,

SpaceX has pushed back its first launch of a U.S military satellite for Monday (May 1) after a sensor issue triggered a 24-hour delay on Sunday (April 30).

The Late Heavy Bombardment: A Violent Assault on Young Earth

29.04.2017 18:18,

Debris from space bombarded Earth billions of years ago and may have delivered water to the hot, young planet.

SpaceX Breaks Up US Spy Satellite Launch Monopoly | Video

29.04.2017 16:09,

When the private spaceflight company launches the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) satellite, designated NROL-76, a 10-year stretch where every U.S. military and national security satellite was launched by United Launch Alliance (ULA) will end.

Watch SpaceX Launch a Military Spy Satellite for 1st Time Sunday

29.04.2017 13:15,

Breaking a 10-year monopoly by United Launch Alliance (ULA), SpaceX will launch a satellite into orbit on a classified mission this morning (April 28) from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Braille Guide Gives Users a Feel for 2017 Solar Eclipse

29.04.2017 13:07,

A new tactile guide lets everyone learn more about the upcoming 2017 total solar eclipse — even people who won't be able see it.

Watch Astronauts Play Ping-Pong with Water in Ultra-HD

29.04.2017 13:00,

In the first live 4k video stream from the International Space Station on Wednesday (April 26), NASA astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer wowed viewers by playing with water in zero-G.

'Grand Finale' at Saturn Begins: Cassini Spacecraft's 1st Ring Dive in Pictures

29.04.2017 13:00,

On April 26, 2017, NASA's Cassini spacecraft swooped through the space between Saturn and its rings. Here are the first photos from the epic encounter.

The First 100 Days: What Trump Has Done on Space So Far

28.04.2017 18:00,

The Trump administration has already moved aggressively in a number of areas, such as tax policy, health care, immigration and environmental regulation. But it hasn't done a lot regarding space science and exploration.

'We Don't Planet' Episode 1: What's the Structure of the Sun?

28.04.2017 18:00,

Learn all about the structure of the sun in the first episode of the astrophysics video-explainer series "We Don't Planet."

NASA and Trump: What Happened in Space in the 1st 100 Days | Video

28.04.2017 17:30,

NASA highlights some of their work and milestones during the first 100 days of the Trump administration.

The Lego Has Landed! NASA Apollo Saturn V Moon Landing Set in Pictures

28.04.2017 17:04,

NASA's iconic Saturn V moon rocket and Apollo lunar landings get the Lego treatment in the NASA Apollo Saturn V Lego set. The set includes 1,969 pieces and debuts in June 2017.

SpaceX Poised for First Military Launch Sunday

28.04.2017 17:00,

SpaceX is preparing to launch a classified spacecraft into orbit on a Falcon 9 rocket for the National Reconnaissance Office, breaking United Launch Alliance's 10-year monopoly on launching U.S. military and national security satellites.

NASA Apollo Saturn V to Launch as Lego Brick Model Set on June 1

28.04.2017 16:30,

The countdown has begun for the launch of Lego's Saturn V moon rocket. Lego rolled out its first photos and filed its "launch plan" for the "NASA Apollo Saturn V" model set to be released on June 1. The set is based on a fan submission on Lego Ideas.

Color-Changing U.S. Stamp Will Herald 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

28.04.2017 16:00,

Just as a total solar eclipse will change the skies over the continental United States on Aug. 21, a newly released U.S. stamp will change when pressed with a finger — a photo of the moon materializing over the blotted-out sun.

Cassini Survived 1st Grand Finale Dive - Mission Control Celebrates | Video

28.04.2017 14:36,

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s mission control room erupted in applause when data from the Saturn probe was received. Cassini flew between the innermost rings and the planet itself.

Send Your DNA to Space and Back via New Service

28.04.2017 13:29,

Celestis, the same company that lets people send their loved ones' cremated remains to space, unveiled a new service that will launch samples of DNA off the planet.

Cassini Spacecraft's Ring Dive Yields Saturn Surprises

28.04.2017 13:19,

The Cassini spacecraft spotted strange atmospheric structures during the first of its 22 dives between the rings and gas body of Saturn, the planet it has studied up close since 2004.

SETI Scientists Could Survey a Million Star Systems by 2037, Lawmakers Are Told

28.04.2017 13:00,

Scientists could search a million star systems for signs of intelligent life within the next 20 years, a leading SETI scientist, Seth Shotak, told members of Congress this week.

Moon 'Logical Next Step' for Trump Milestone in Space, Bigelow Says

28.04.2017 13:00,

If President Donald Trump is serious about making an imprint on U.S. human space exploration, space habitat developer Robert Bigelow has a suggestion: Partner with commercial companies to gain a toehold on the moon.