Comet’s collapsing cliffs and bouncing boulders

18.09.2019 11:30, ESA Top News

Scientists analysing the treasure trove of images taken by ESA’s Rosetta mission have turned up more evidence for curious bouncing boulders and dramatic cliff collapses.

Overseeing ISS's third arm

18.09.2019 09:25, ESA Top News

Technology image of the week: this control panel will be used by spacewalking cosmonauts to oversee the European Robotic Arm on the Russian section of the ISS

Planning the future

17.09.2019 17:20, ESA Top News

Updates on mission concepts for planetary defence, Solar System science and Mars exploration live from the European Planetary Science Congress Wednesday 12:15-13:15 CEST

Aurora now

17.09.2019 16:30, ESA Top News

Human and robotic exploration image of the week: Aurora display at Concordia research station in Antarctica

Landing site flyover

17.09.2019 08:32, ESA Top News

New 3D models of Rosalind Franklin’s landing site aid preparations for the rover’s mission on Mars

Space Station science: learning from Luca

16.09.2019 15:39, ESA Top News

There is plenty of science on the boil at the International Space Station – including an experiment literally designed to expand our knowledge of the boiling process.

Defrosting dunes

16.09.2019 09:20, ESA Top News

Space Science Image of the Week: Bursts of gas from defrosting ice create the dark patches in this martian dune field

Explore with AstroGnat

13.09.2019 14:00, ESA Top News

Meet AstroGnat our new crew member! She’s on a voyage of discovery in space and you too can explore this new AstroGnat collection for kids in the ESA Space Shop.

Winning bootcamp ideas at Φ-week

13.09.2019 11:15, ESA Top News

On the sidelines of ESA’s Φ-week, a five-day app-development bootcamp took place where young developers came together to solve big industry challenges using Earth observation data. The teams developed app prototypes, which were tested...

Week in images

13.09.2019 10:38, ESA Top News

Our week through the lens: 9 - 13 September 2019

Baja California

13.09.2019 10:05, ESA Top News

Earth observation image of the week: Copernicus Sentinel-1 takes us over Baja California, in northern Mexico

VISTA unveils a new image of the Large Magellanic Cloud

13.09.2019 09:00, ESO Top News

ESO’s VISTA telescope reveals a remarkable image of the Large Magellanic Cloud, one of our nearest galactic neighbours. VISTA has been surveying this galaxy and its sibling the Small Magellanic Cloud, as well as their surroundings, in...

Interstellar 2.0

12.09.2019 17:35, ESA Top News

Astronomers have spotted an object that looks likely to be a very rare visitor from outside our Solar System. If confirmed, this unusual body would be only the second interstellar object ever detected passing through our...

Exciting exoplanet

12.09.2019 12:29, ESA Top News

Hubble finds water vapour on habitable-zone exoplanet for the first time, paving the way for future discoveries by the James Webb Space Telescope and the Ariel mission

First Earth observation satellite with AI ready for launch

12.09.2019 11:12, ESA Top News

A few months from now will see the launch of the first European satellite to demonstrate how onboard artificial intelligence can improve the efficiency of sending Earth observation data back to Earth. Dubbed ɸ-Sat, or PhiSat, this...

Unexpected periodic flares may shed light on black hole accretion

11.09.2019 19:00, ESA Top News

ESA’s X-ray space telescope XMM-Newton has detected never-before-seen periodic flares of X-ray radiation coming from a distant galaxy that could help explain some enigmatic behaviours of active black holes. 

Destination Mars

11.09.2019 13:05, ESA Top News

Technology image of the week: Models of ESA’s current ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter and forthcoming ExoMars Rover will be on show during our 6 October Open Day

A new journey into Earth for space exploration

11.09.2019 10:03, ESA Top News

Six astronauts, five space agencies and a fresh start into underground worlds to help prepare for living on other planets. ESA’s latest training adventure will equip an international crew with skills to explore uncharted terrains on...

Space bubble

10.09.2019 21:13, ESA Top News

Human and robotic exploration image of the week: The Multiscale Boiling experiment on the International Space Station starts generating bubbles

Using machine learning for rewilding

10.09.2019 18:25, ESA Top News

There may not be an obvious connection between rewilding and machine learning, but as highlighted today at ESA’s ɸ-week, a project in the Netherlands uses satellite data and new digital technology to understand how a nature reserve...