Micro-Cameras and Space Exploration to join Pioneer-IODA project

24.05.2019 16:23, ESA Top News

Space cameras to monitor the deployment of satellites and check the health of spacecraft will be developed under the Pioneer-IODA project by Micro-Cameras and Space Exploration based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Week in images

24.05.2019 15:20, ESA Top News

Our week through the lens: 20 - 24 May 2019

Einstein's triumph

24.05.2019 12:40, ESA Top News

Celebrating a century of gravity experiments since the first test that proved Einstein’s theory during a solar eclipse on 29 May 1919

Earth from Space

24.05.2019 10:05, ESA Top News

In this week's edition, explore part of western Pakistan with Copernicus Sentinel-2

€17 million Fund Backs 170 Breakthrough Concepts in Imaging and Sensing

23.05.2019 17:00, ESO Top News

ATTRACT, a Horizon 2020 research and innovation project funded by the European Union and backed by a consortium of 9 partners including ESO, has announced 170 breakthrough ideas which will each receive €100,000 to develop technologies that have...

Clocks, gravity, and the limits of relativity

23.05.2019 13:17, ESA Top News

The International Space Station will host the most precise clocks ever to leave Earth. Accurate to a second in 300 million years the clocks will push the measurement of time to test the limits of the theory of relativity and our...

A unique experiment to explore black holes

23.05.2019 12:00, ESA Top News

What happens when two supermassive black holes collide? Combining the observing power of two future ESA missions, Athena and LISA, would allow us to study these cosmic clashes and their mysterious aftermath for the first time.

Gravity to the max

22.05.2019 10:00, ESA Top News

Technology image of the week: ESA’s Large Diameter Centrifuge gives European researchers access to high gravity environments for testing

Zero-G Spiderman

21.05.2019 12:10, ESA Top News

Human and robotic exploration image of the week: A parabolic flight experiment tests perception in altered gravity states

Gravity wonders

20.05.2019 16:45, ESA Top News

Space Science Image of the Week: Black holes provide an extreme cosmic laboratory to test some of the strongest gravity fields in the Universe

Mission control 'saves science'

17.05.2019 15:57, ESA Top News

Every minute, ESA’s Earth observation satellites gather dozens of gigabytes of data about our planet – enough information to fill the pages on a 100-metre long bookshelf. Flying in low-Earth orbits, these spacecraft are continuously...

Satellites yield insight into not so permanent permafrost

17.05.2019 14:10, ESA Top News

Ice is without doubt one of the first casualties of climate change, but the effects of our warming world are not only limited to ice melting on Earth’s surface. Ground that has been frozen for thousands of years is also thawing,...

Po Valley

17.05.2019 10:05, ESA Top News

Earth observation image of the week: Copernicus Sentinel-2 takes us over the Po Valley in northern Italy

A quarter of glacier ice in West Antarctica is now unstable

16.05.2019 20:30, ESA Top News

By combining 25 years of ESA satellite data, scientists have discovered that warming ocean waters have caused the ice to thin so rapidly that 24% of the glacier ice in West Antarctica is now affected.

Take a deep breath

16.05.2019 13:40, ESA Top News

With air pollution a global concern, satellites provide vital information about air quality to help understand how to keep our planet breathable

The air we breathe

16.05.2019 13:05, ESA Top News

Air pollution is a global environmental health problem, especially for those living in urban areas. Not only does it negatively impact our ecosystems, it considerably affects our health. According to the World Health Organization...

Where science meets art

16.05.2019 12:30, ESA Top News

New exhibition ‘Fragility and Beauty – taking the pulse of our planet from space’ opens in Milan, Italy

Monitoring Earth’s shifting land

15.05.2019 17:00, ESA Top News

The monitoring of land subsidence is of vital importance for low-lying countries, but also areas which are prone to peculiar ground instability.

Reprogrammable satellite takes shape

15.05.2019 16:04, ESA Top News

The payload and platform of the first European satellite that can be completely reprogrammed after launch have been successfully joined together. The assembly of Eutelsat Quantum took place in the Airbus facility in Toulouse, France,...

3D Earth in the making

15.05.2019 15:00, ESA Top News

A thorough understanding of the ‘solid Earth’ system is essential for deciphering the links between processes occurring deep inside Earth and those occurring nearer the surface that lead to seismic activity such as earthquakes and...