NASA astronauts practice 'moonwalking' in the Arizona desert (photos)

18.05.2024 02:00,

NASA astronauts headed to Arizona desert to rehearse moonwalks and test technology for the Artemis mission.

Who is the 'Doctor Who' villain Maestro? And what's their relationship with the Toymaker?

18.05.2024 00:00,

The new villain Maestro is out to destroy music in 'Doctor Who' episode 'The Devil's Chord' —and they're part of a new Pantheon of godly antagonists....

Boeing's 1st Starliner astronaut launch delayed again, to May 25

17.05.2024 23:23,

The first crewed mission of Boeing's new Starliner spacecraft has been pushed back by an additional four days, to May 25....

India's ambitious 2nd Mars mission to include a rover, helicopter, sky crane and a supersonic parachute

17.05.2024 23:00,

India's second mission to Mars will include a rover, helicopter, sky crane and a supersonic parachute, according to media reports....

Hubble Views the Dawn of a Sun-like Star 

17.05.2024 22:17, NASA Breaking News

Looking like a glittering cosmic geode, a trio of dazzling stars blaze from the hollowed-out cavity of a reflection nebula in this new image from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. The triple-star system is made up of the variable star HP Tau, HP Tau...

NASA Awards Contracts for Rapid Spacecraft Acquisition Services

17.05.2024 22:04, NASA Breaking News

NASA has selected four companies to provide spacecraft and related services, including acquiring spacecraft components and equipment, in support of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. The multiple awards,...

Dr. Lori Glaze to begin six-month Detail as Acting Deputy Associate Administrator for ESDMD

17.05.2024 22:04, NASA Breaking News

Agency leadership has chosen Dr. Lori Glaze to begin a six-month detail as the Acting Deputy AA for the Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate (ESDMD).

Massive sunspot that brought widespread auroras to Earth now targets Mars

17.05.2024 22:00,

After quite the aurora experience across Earth this past weekend, beastly sunspot AR3664 could give Mars quite the same solar spectacular....

Here we go again — new sunspot regions emerge, strong solar flare recorded

17.05.2024 21:52,

With the decrease of potential impacts from AR 3664, forecasters are monitoring new sunspot regions developing on the eastern half of the sun....

US Space Force is launching more missions than ever. Lawmakers worry America's spaceports can't keep up

17.05.2024 21:00,

The House Armed Services Committee has raised concerns about whether Space Force's two main coastal ranges can keep up with rising launch demands....

China launches new mystery Shiyan satellite (video)

17.05.2024 20:00,

China launched the latest in its secretive Shiyan satellite series on May 12 atop a Long March 4C rocket. China's space agency says the satellite will be used for "space environment monitoring."...

Everything we know about Dune: Prophecy — Release date, plot, cast, & more

17.05.2024 18:59,

Their plans are measured in centuries — here's everything we know about Dune: Prophecy, the prequel series that will explore the past of the Bene Gesserit....

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches Starlink satellites on record 21st flight

17.05.2024 18:00,

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched for the 21st time tonight (May 17), setting a new reusability record for the company....

NASA, ESA join forces on life-hunting ExoMars rover

17.05.2024 17:00,

NASA and ESA have signed an agreement to team up on the ExoMars rover mission, which aims to launch a life-hunting robot toward the Red Planet in 2028....

What time is Blue Origin's private NS-25 astronaut launch on May 19?

17.05.2024 16:00,

A Blue Origin rocket will launch its first private astronaut spaceflight since 2022 this weekend. Here's what time to watch....

Scientists are mapping Earth's rivers from space before climate change devastates our planet

17.05.2024 16:00,

New maps of Earth's rivers are documenting our planet before climate change worsens.

Junk from a SpaceX Dragon 'trunk' may have crashed into a Canadian farmer's field (photos)

17.05.2024 15:00,

A farmer in rural Saskatchewan found a charred chunk of debris during planting season in late April. The piece might have come from a SpaceX Crew Dragon, according to a re-entry track....

NASA Around the World: Interns Teach Virtual Lessons in Kenya

17.05.2024 14:17, NASA Breaking News

Video Credit: NASA/Dennis Brown, TechLit Africa When it comes to inspiring the next generation, NASA interns know no bounds. Interns at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland taught students 7,600 miles away in Mogotio, Kenya, but thanks to...

'That's part of space exploration': Artemis 2 astronauts unfazed by moon mission delays (exclusive)

17.05.2024 13:59,

Artemis 2's moon flight and Boeing Starliner's ISS visit have both seen delays in their crewed missions. But the moon astronauts emphasize that timeline changes are part of the job....

Sols 4186-4188: Almost there…

17.05.2024 13:43, NASA Breaking News

Earth planning day: Wednesday, May 15, 2024 The rover planning engineers yet again did a great job navigating through the large bedrock blocks that litter the terrain in front of us. We are getting ever closer to being able to cross the Gediz...