Rocket Lab launches 2 satellites, returns booster to Earth after delay from surprise solar storm

24.03.2023 11:08,

The strongest solar storm in six years delayed Rocket Lab's early morning launch on Friday, March 24, by 90 minutes, and space weather forecasters didn't see coming....

Want to see Uranus? The crescent moon points the way tonight (March 24)

24.03.2023 11:00,

The crescent moon will act as an excellent guide for skywatchers hoping to spot the distant solar system ice giant Uranus on Friday (March 24) with the celestial bodies making a closely separated in the sky....

Watch SpaceX launch 56 Starlink satellites, land rocket at sea today

24.03.2023 11:00,

SpaceX plans to launch 56 of its Starlink internet satellites and land a rocket at sea today (March 24), and you can watch the action live....

Watch Rocket Lab launch 2 satellites, recover booster on March 24 after delay

24.03.2023 09:23,

Rocket Lab plans to launch two satellites early Friday morning (March 24), on a mission that includes a booster recovery at sea. Watch it live here....

'Star Trek: Picard' season 3 episode 6 beams in Trek cameos aplenty

23.03.2023 22:46,

'Star Trek: Picard' season 3 episode 6, The Bounty, the cameos are stacking up with Geordi and maybe Data, and it's a bit excessive.

Perseverance rover snaps gorgeous shots of drifting predawn clouds on Mars (photos)

23.03.2023 22:00,

NASA's Perseverance rover took a brief break from its Mars life hunt on March 18 to capture stunning shots of drifting predawn clouds on the Red Planet....

Boom! Sierra Space blows up final inflatable space station module in initial test series (video)

23.03.2023 21:00,

Sierra Space just destroyed (on purpose) another space module, wrapping up a four-part test series designed to help ready its inflatable habitats for future space missions....

New moon glows with 'Earthshine' in incredible time-lapse photo series

23.03.2023 20:00,

The new moon glows in the sky above Turkey with the reflected light of Earth shining upon it in gorgeous photos by astrophotographer Miguel Claro....

Annular solar eclipse 2023: Everything you need to know about North America's 'ring of fire' eclipse

23.03.2023 19:51,

The annular solar eclipse on Oct. 14, 2023, will be visible from eight states in the U.S. Southwest. Find out how and where to see the 'ring of fire' eclipse in our ultimate guide....

Potatoes are better than human blood for making space concrete bricks, scientists say

23.03.2023 19:00,

Engineers have created a superstrong concrete alternative using simulated Martian or lunar soil, potato starch and salt.

Look up! See Venus shine next to the young moon tonight

23.03.2023 18:00,

On Thursday, March 23, Venus will shine close to the slender slither of the young moon, providing an eye-catching sight in the night sky.

Astronomers urged to fight 'tooth and nail' to protect dark skies

23.03.2023 17:00,

A new paper calls on the scientific community to do more to fight rising light pollution and protect the night sky, including banning satellite megaconstellations if necessary....

Earth is on track for devastating climate change if we don't act. These 5 weather disasters show what's to come.

23.03.2023 16:26,

These weather disasters provide a glimpse of lies ahead for planet Earth if humankind fails to stop climate change progress.

Space dust could carry alien life across the galaxy, study suggests

23.03.2023 16:00,

Astrobiologists should examine space dust and other exoplanetary debris to search for the existence of life beyond Earth, a new study suggests....

Astrophotography with a film camera: Is it possible?

23.03.2023 16:00,

The best gear and techniques you need to shoot astrophotographs successfully using an analog film camera.

Ruko F11GIM2 review: powerful beginner drone, poor image quality

23.03.2023 15:44,

The Ruko F11GIM2 is a basic beginner drone that comes in a kit with everything you need to get started, but its image quality is lacking.

Make the Kessel Run for $100 less with this Lego Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon deal

23.03.2023 15:20,

This ultimate collector series Lego Millennium Falcon can be yours in less than 12 parsecs for a price we've not seen in a long, long time....

'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Trivia Night warps into action from CBS and Paramount Plus on March 24

23.03.2023 15:00,

CBS and Paramount Home Entertainment to hold a "Star Trek Trivia Night" on March 24.

Stunning Hubble telescope photo reveals star-studded M55 cluster

23.03.2023 14:00,

A distant cluster sparkles with ancient stars in a gorgeous new image from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

Pictures from space! Our image of the day

23.03.2023 13:20,

The 3D-printed Terran 1 rocket of California-based firm Relativity Space successfully lifted off for its debut flight yesterday, March 22, but failed to reach orbit after its upper stage malfunctioned....