Total solar eclipse 2024: Live updates

15.02.2024 14:44,

Stay up-to-date with the latest news on the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024.

US space science could fall behind China if private successors to ISS are delayed, Congress warns

15.02.2024 14:00,

A House subcommittee asked NASA about its plan to replace the International Space Station after 2030. New commercial stations are on the way but may not be ready in time....

Lunar lining: Columbia coat tech insulates Intuitive Machines' newly launched moon lander

15.02.2024 12:00,

A technology used to protect the first astronauts to land on the moon is on its way back to the lunar surface, and you may already have some of it in your coat closet....

Spot the King of Planets: Observe Jupiter

15.02.2024 12:00, NASA Breaking News

Jupiter is easy to observe, and well-documented by astronomers. Learn more about the King of the Planets in February’s mid-month article!

SpaceX launches private 'Odysseus' lander on pioneering moon mission by Intuitive Machines (video)

15.02.2024 07:19,

SpaceX launched Intuitive Machines' Odysseus spacecraft on Thursday morning (Feb. 15), kicking off the probe's quest to pull off an epic moon landing....

The Marshall Star for February 14, 2024

15.02.2024 00:02, NASA Breaking News

Marshall Chief Scientist Provides Valuable Insight into NASA Moonquake Study By Jonathan Deal The Moon holds clues to the evolution of Earth, the planets, and the Sun, and a new NASA-funded study is helping scientists better understand some of the...

Flame Burns Out on NASA’s Long-Running Spacecraft Fire Experiment

14.02.2024 23:30, NASA Breaking News

NASA recently concluded the final mission of its Spacecraft Fire Safety Experiment, or Saffire, putting a blazing end to an eight-year series of investigations that provided insights into fire’s behavior in space. The final experiment, Saffire-VI,...

Water found on the surface of an asteroid for the 1st time ever

14.02.2024 23:00,

Water molecules have been detected on the surface of an asteroid for the first time, revealing new clues about the distribution of water in our solar system....

SETI searches for alien signals synchronized with supernova 1987A

14.02.2024 22:00,

Astronomers revitalize an old concept called the SETI Ellipsoid that incorporates supernovas in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence....

Watch NASA unfurl basketball-court-sized solar sail for deep space propulsion (video)

14.02.2024 21:00,

NASA and Redwire Space successfully deployed a massive solar sail in a test, potentially paving the way for this revolutionary propulsion technology to be used for deep space transportation....

Neil deGrasse Tyson's new StarTalk TV streaming channel launches on Pluto TV

14.02.2024 20:00,

Neil deGrasse Tyson brings his popular astronomy podcast StarTalk to a new streaming channel devoted entirely to bringing space down to Earth....

'Odd couple' kissing stars created by unromantic cannibalistic feeding dance

14.02.2024 19:30,

Valentine's Day won't be all hearts and flowers for some "kissing stars." These "odd couples" were created by a close-quarters feeding dance....

How to watch 'The Space Shuttle That Fell to Earth' online – from anywhere

14.02.2024 19:27,

How to watch "The Space Shuttle That Fell to Earth" online on BBC iPlayer in the UK and from anywhere. New documentary goes inside the Columbia disaster....

Russia launches a Valentine's Day Progress supply ship to the ISS

14.02.2024 18:51,

Russia launched the robotic Progress 87 freighter tonight (Feb. 14), sending three tons of cargo toward the International Space Station....

A Floridian Sunset

14.02.2024 18:32, NASA Breaking News

A NASA photographer captured the sunset on Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2024, near the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at the agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The iconic building, completed in 1966 and currently used for assembly of NASA’s Space...

This astronaut took 5 spacewalks. Now, he's helping make spacesuits for future ISS crews (exclusive)

14.02.2024 18:00,

Retired NASA astronaut John "Danny" Olivas says he wants to give back in what he thinks is his final career move: developing spacesuits with Collins Aerospace for ISS and moon missions....

NASA Telescopes Find New Clues About Mysterious Deep Space Signals

14.02.2024 17:52, NASA Breaking News

Using two of the agency’s X-ray telescopes, researchers were able to zoom in on a dead star’s erratic behavior as it released a bright, brief burst of radio waves. What’s causing mysterious bursts of radio waves from deep space? Astronomers may be...

Plan de acción para la equidad 2023 de la NASA se centrará en educación STEM/CTIM

14.02.2024 16:17, NASA Breaking News

Read this release in English here. La NASA publicó su Plan de acción para la equidad 2023 el miércoles, en el cual describe los logros clave en el aumento de la diversidad, la equidad, la inclusión y la accesibilidad en toda la agencia, y sus...

NASA Updates Equity Action Plan, Adds Focus on STEM Education, More

14.02.2024 16:16, NASA Breaking News

Lee esta nota de prensa en español aquí. NASA published its 2023 Equity Action Plan Wednesday, which outlines key accomplishments in increasing equity across the agency, and new commitments to continue removing inequitable barriers and...

Fire but no brimstone: Where is the universe's missing sulfur?

14.02.2024 16:00,

Astronomers may finally know why some death shrouds created by the deaths of sun-like stars lack the element sulfur....