New children's book celebrates pioneering astronomer Maria Mitchell

18.03.2023 11:00,

Pioneering American astronomer Maria Mitchell is the star of a children's book using an ancient language she happened to know: Latin.

Watch the moon meet up with Saturn in the pre-dawn sky tonight

18.03.2023 11:00,

The moon meets up with Saturn early on Sunday (March 19) with the two celestial objects in conjunction. The arrangement will be only visible in the early morning pre-dawn hours, so plan accordingly....

Chinese scientists hold out hope for silent Zhurong Mars rover

17.03.2023 22:00,

China's Zhurong Mars rover may be stuck, but scientists using data from the mission are still hopeful that the vehicle can reactivate and explore once more....

SpaceX launches 52 Starlink satellites, lands rocket at sea

17.03.2023 21:03,

SpaceX aced its 18th orbital mission of 2023 on Friday (March 17), launching 52 of its Starlink internet satellites and landing a rocket on a ship at sea....

Exoplanets, dark matter and more: Big discoveries coming from James Webb Space Telescope, astronomers say

17.03.2023 21:00,

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has dazzled us plenty already, but the best is yet to come from the observatory, mission team members say....

'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Season 1 warps onto Blu-ray and we've got an exclusive clip

17.03.2023 20:00,

The smash Paramount+ spinoff series "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" heads to home video and we've got an exclusive clip to share.

Newly discovered 'mini-Neptune' may have an ocean or an atmosphere - but not for long

17.03.2023 19:00,

A newly discovered distant mini-Neptune planet may possess its own atmosphere, ocean, or a combination of the two, even if they don't last for long....

Creality Sonic Pad review: A turbo boost for your FDM printer

17.03.2023 18:00,

The Creality Sonic Pad offers plug-and-play firmware modding for compatible 3D printers, giving you faster prints without compromising quality....

SpaceX now eyeing April for Starship's 1st orbital launch, Elon Musk says

17.03.2023 17:55,

SpaceX's huge Starship vehicle could launch on its first-ever orbital test flight next month, if regulatory approvals come through, Elon Musk said....

China's 1st liquid-fueled rocket moved to launch pad for liftoff this month

17.03.2023 17:00,

Chinese launch company Space Pioneer is all set for its first attempt to reach orbit with the country's first liquid-fueled rocket.

NASA's Parker Solar Probe makes its 15th close flyby of the sun this St. Patrick's Day

17.03.2023 16:18,

While people around Earth enjoy a cold drink of St. Patrick's Day, the Parker Solar Probe will make another close approach to the sun, braving scorching hot temperatures to help solve solar mysteries....

Possible Artemis 3 moon landing site spied by NASA spacecraft (photos)

17.03.2023 14:00,

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter recently imaged the moon's Malapert Massif, a potential touchdown locale for NASA's Artemis 3 astronaut mission....

NASA selects Firefly Aerospace for mission to moon's far side in 2026

17.03.2023 13:00,

NASA has selected Firefly Aerospace to land payloads on the moon and send another into orbit to provide communications with the lunar far side....

NASA asteroid sample return mission to land on U.S. postage stamp

17.03.2023 11:00,

The USPS dropped news of a surprise space stamp, revealing it plans to mark the upcoming plunge to Earth by the OSIRIS-REx capsule carrying the largest sample ever collected from an asteroid....

Doubleheader! Watch SpaceX launch 2 rockets less than 5 hours apart today

17.03.2023 11:00,

SpaceX plans to launch two Falcon 9 rockets less than five hours apart on Friday (March 17), and you can watch the back-to-back action live....

Scientists discover signs of 'modern' glacier on Mars that hints at buried water ice

16.03.2023 23:00,

Remnants of a modern glacier have been found near Mars' equator, suggesting ice may still exist at shallow depths in the area, which could have significant implications for future human exploration....

Watch a small asteroid fly by Earth closer than the moon tonight in this free livestream

16.03.2023 22:31,

The near-Earth asteroid 2023 EY will pass within 149,000 miles (239,800 kilometers) of Earth tonight (March 16), and you can watch it live thanks to a free telescope livestream....

Maple leaf to the moon: Canadian Space Agency debuts new logo

16.03.2023 22:00,

When the first Canadian to launch to the moon lifts off with NASA's next Artemis mission, he or she will do so wearing a new symbol of Canada's efforts in space: the Canadian Space Agency's new logo....

Student-led 'beach ball' space antenna aims to boost cubesat communications

16.03.2023 21:00,

University of Arizona students' inflatable "beach ball" antenna prototype could change the way small satellites send data back to Earth.

Solving space junk problem may require lasers and space tugs, NASA says

16.03.2023 20:00,

A new NASA report evaluates the costs and benefits of various space debris removal efforts for the estimated 100 trillion bits of space junk in orbit....