A Solitary Sight

12.06.2024 20:14, NASA Breaking News

ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Andreas Mogensen snapped a photo of the waning gibbous moon from the International Space Station as it soared 260 miles above the Atlantic Ocean near the northeast coast of South America on Sept. 30, 2023....

Private Odysseus moon lander reveals which Earth 'technosignatures' aliens might see

12.06.2024 20:00, SPACE.com

By looking at Earth as an exoplanet, astronomers hope to search for similar fingerprints coming from planets around other stars, which would be a potential sign of intelligent life....

Coming in Hot — NASA’s Chandra Checks Habitability of Exoplanets

12.06.2024 19:26, NASA Breaking News

This graphic shows a three-dimensional map of stars near the Sun. These stars are close enough that they could be prime targets for direct imaging searches for planets using future telescopes. The blue haloes represent stars that have been...

SpaceX launching 22 Starlink satellites from Florida June 13

12.06.2024 19:00, SPACE.com

SpaceX is scheduled to launch 22 more of its Starlink broadband satellites to orbit from Florida's Space Coast on Thursday (June 13)....

Stoke Space test-fires engine for upcoming fully reusable rocket (photos)

12.06.2024 18:00, SPACE.com

Stoke Space has announced the first successful hot-fire engine test for its Nova launch vehicle, which the company calls the "most robust, fully and rapidly reusable medium-lift rocket in the world."...

Alaska's rivers are turning bright orange and as acidic as vinegar as toxic metal escapes from melting permafrost

12.06.2024 17:00, SPACE.com

Alaska's melting permafrost is dumping toxic metals into the state's rivers, turning them bright orange and making the water highly acidic. The contaminated rivers are so vibrant they can be seen from space, and the...

NASA’s Roman Mission Gets Cosmic ‘Sneak Peek’ From Supercomputers

12.06.2024 16:00, NASA Breaking News

Researchers are diving into a synthetic universe to help us better understand the real one. Using supercomputers at the U.S. DOE’s (Department of Energy’s) Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, scientists have created nearly 4 million...

Hubble Telescope shares stunning galactic view despite recent hardware malfunction (photo)

12.06.2024 16:00, SPACE.com

A gorgeous new photo from the Hubble Space Telescope, which is down to two functioning gyroscopes, captures the barred spiral galaxy NGC 3059....

Ed Stone, who led NASA's iconic Voyager project for 50 years, dies at 88

12.06.2024 15:37, SPACE.com

Ed Stone, who for 50 years served as the project scientist for NASA's iconic Voyager mission, died June 9 at the age of 88....

'Needs more aliens': Lego designer on kids' view of space as an endless playground (exclusive)

12.06.2024 15:00, SPACE.com

In an exclusive interview with Space.com, Lego senior design manager Dan Meehan discusses the role 'space storytellers' have had on shaping the company's new space-themed sets....

NASA Supports California Students Aiming to Advance Technology

12.06.2024 15:00, NASA Breaking News

Students from a minority-serving university in California are helping solve challenges of autonomous systems for future drone operations on Earth and other planets. These students are making the most of opportunities with NASA, the U.S. Department...

A star that exploded like a nuclear bomb is still raising questions half a century later

12.06.2024 14:00, SPACE.com

The nova caused HM Sge to brighten in our night sky by 250 times.

Ariane 6 launches RAMI: the interplanetary deployer

12.06.2024 13:30, ESA Top News

Europe’s newest rocket soon launches, taking with it many space missions each with a unique objective, destination and team at home, cheering them on. Whether launching new satellites to look back and study Earth, peer out to deep space or...

NASA weighs potential impacts of helium leaks and more on Boeing's Starliner astronaut test flight

12.06.2024 13:00, SPACE.com

Starliner's two astronauts continue to put the capsule through a series of checks, while ground teams analyze helium leaks and other issues....

'Absolutely gutted': How a jammed door is locking astronomers out of the X-ray universe

12.06.2024 12:00, SPACE.com

XRISM could change the way we see the X-ray universe, but a jammed door presents a mighty challenge. With the door closed, low energy X-rays are impossible to detect. But trying to open the door could put the rest of...

Drone test of planetary landing radar

12.06.2024 11:23, ESA Top News

Image: Drone test of planetary landing radar

Eclipse-making double-satellite Proba-3

12.06.2024 11:00, ESA Top News

Video: 00:02:54 Proba-3 is ESA’s – and the world’s – first precision formation flying mission. A pair of satellites will fly together relative to the Sun so that one casts a precisely-controlled shadow onto the other, to create a...

Space for a travel quiz!

12.06.2024 10:00, ESA Top News

A new collaboration between ESA and Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands has got passengers thinking about space. Digital screens throughout the airport featuring stunning  satellite images of Earth have been stopping travellers in their...

NASA Ames Hosts National Wildfire Coordinating Group

12.06.2024 02:46, NASA Breaking News

On May 21-23, 2024, the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) visited NASA Ames Research Center, with participants representing 13 agencies and organizations. NWCG is a cooperative group focused on providing national leadership to enable...

'Starfield' unveils 1st look at 'Shattered Space' expansion (video)

12.06.2024 00:00, SPACE.com

Starfield might have disappointed some at launch, but in typical Bethesda fashion, it's continuing to expand and giving more power to the players....