Who will get OSIRIS-REx's asteroid samples after they land this weekend?

21.09.2023 16:21, SPACE.com

NASA's OSIRIS-REx probe is set to deliver its bounty of asteroid samples to Earth on Sunday (Sept. 24). What is the ultimate fate of this space-rock stuff?...

Tom Hanks returns to the moon with 'The Moonwalkers,' a new visual experience

21.09.2023 16:00, SPACE.com

What do you get when you combine the firm that made the Washington Monument into a Saturn V, the imagery of 'Apollo Remastered' and the actor who made 'Houston, we have a problem' a household phrase?...

Artemis 2 astronaut crew suits up for moon launch dress rehearsal (photos, video)

21.09.2023 15:00, SPACE.com

The Artemis 2 crew did a launch day simulation on Sept. 20 for their 2024 moon mission. Seven key ground tests are planned by NASA in the coming months....

Next stop, Europa? Nano subs to get test beneath Antarctic ice in 2026

21.09.2023 12:00, SPACE.com

A European collaboration aims to break through some of the technological barriers to the exploration of icy moons like Jupiter's Europa, using Antarctica as a proving ground....

How NASA's OSIRIS-REx will bring asteroid samples to Earth in 5 not-so-easy steps

21.09.2023 12:00, SPACE.com

NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission will face one of the toughest parts of its journey: Protecting samples taken from asteroid Bennu as its capsule descends through Earth's atmosphere for recovery....

Virgin Galactic's next flight will take a Pakistani to space for the 1st time

21.09.2023 00:00, SPACE.com

Namira Slim will become the first person from Pakistan to reach space on Virgin Galactic's 'Galactic 04' mission, which is slated to fly on Oct. 5....

$100,000 Breakthrough physics prize awarded to 3 scientists who study the large scale structure of the universe

20.09.2023 23:00, SPACE.com

Mikhail Ivanov, Oliver Philcox, and Marko Simonović won the New Horizons Award for their work on large scale structures — the strands and filaments of our universe which contain buried clues to its most fundamental...

Bang! Inflatable space station module blows apart in explosive test (video)

20.09.2023 22:15, SPACE.com

Sierra Space's latest explosion with its LIFE module tested a metal plate inside an inflatable structure. The module will fly on a private successor to the International Space Station....

NASA's Parker Solar Probe flies through major coronal mass ejection — and survives to tell the tale

20.09.2023 21:00, SPACE.com

The sun-kissing spacecraft watched as dust particles were displaced across 6 million miles (9.7 million kilometers)....

Evidence of mysterious 'recurring nova' that could reappear in 2024 found in medieval manuscript from 1217

20.09.2023 20:00, SPACE.com

The star T CrB flares up every 80 years. A document from 1217 could help confirm its regularity.

New Hubble telescope image reveals intergalactic bridge between two merging realms

20.09.2023 19:00, SPACE.com

A faint "bridge" of gas connects two colliding galaxies in a new photo from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Water ice on the moon may be key for future space missions. But is there enough?

20.09.2023 18:30, SPACE.com

There may be less water ice trapped in the permanently shadowed regions on the moon than previously thought.

Comet Nishimura photobombs NASA spacecraft after its close encounter with the sun (photos)

20.09.2023 18:20, SPACE.com

Comet Nishimura has surprised NASA by photobombing its STEREO spacecraft, revealing it seems to have held together after its brush with the sun on Sept. 17....

China's astronauts have been tending a 'space garden' in orbit (video)

20.09.2023 18:00, SPACE.com

The astronauts of the Shenzhou 16 mission have been cultivating vegetables as part of their science experiment workload aboard the Tiangong space station....

'Ahsoka' season 1 episode 6 review: Myths and legends

20.09.2023 17:20, SPACE.com

The sixth episode of Ahsoka expands the "Star Wars" universe with new bits of mythology and iconography that support long-awaited returns....

OSIRIS-REx's asteroid sample will come down to Earth on Sept. 24. Here's how to watch it live.

20.09.2023 17:00, SPACE.com

The return capsule of NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission is scheduled to touch down in Utah on Sept. 24, bearing samples of asteroid Bennu. Here's how to watch the event live....

Supermassive black holes eat more quickly than expected, 3D simulations suggest

20.09.2023 16:00, SPACE.com

Supermassive black holes are even more fearsome eaters than scientists suspected, thanks to a "delivery system" that could help them feed over months rather than hundreds of years....

Solar storm slams into Earth and sparks stunning northern lights display (photos)

20.09.2023 15:27, SPACE.com

A powerful solar storm triggered stunning aurora displays around the world. Here we take a look at some of the best photographs of the recent northern lights outburst....

After 1 year in space, what's next for an astronaut? 'Peace and quiet' on Earth, Frank Rubio says (video)

20.09.2023 14:00, SPACE.com

NASA astronaut Frank Rubio spoke from the International Space Station on Sept. 19 just ahead of his record-breaking year in space mission date on Sept. 21. The Hispanic American told Space.com why role models are...

Japan's SLIM moon lander completes 1st critical phase in Earth orbit

20.09.2023 12:00, SPACE.com

Japan's SLIM moon lander has passed a first critical operation period in Earth orbit, meaning its solar panels, communications, propulsion and other systems are working well....