Best space-themed 3D prints: Recreate iconic spacecraft and objects

22.03.2023 11:34,

Recreate famous space objects and NASA spacecraft using your 3D printer and these free print files.

This mysterious streak of light over California is actually an old space station antenna meeting its doom (video)

22.03.2023 11:00,

St. Patrick's Day revelers in Sacramento, California witnessed an old piece of the space station burn up in the atmosphere on March 17.

Sea level rise slowed down in 2022. NASA says it's just a blip

22.03.2023 11:00,

Global sea levels rose more slowly in 2022 than models predicted. But there's no reason to celebrate, according to NASA.

Artemis 2 moon rocket coming together ahead of 2024 astronaut launch (photo)

21.03.2023 23:00,

The Artemis 2 moon rocket's core stage is nearly fully assembled aside from the engines, according to NASA. The launcher will send astronauts to the moon as soon as 2024....

South Korean probe's NASA moon camera illuminates dark lunar crater (photo)

21.03.2023 22:00,

An image of a crater rim near the moon's south pole shows how NASA's ShadowCam instrument is shining new light on the darker regions of our celestial neighbor....

Watch likely Chinese rocket body burn up over Texas (video)

21.03.2023 21:37,

A video of a fireball streaking across the sky likely shows a Chinese rocket section that burned up in the atmosphere above Texas on March 7....

Spectacular SpaceX video shows Earth as beautiful blue marble in blackness of space

21.03.2023 21:00,

A camera aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket caught Earth as a beautiful blue marble in a striking new video filmed from orbit.

World must act now to defuse 'climate time bomb,' UN scientists warn

21.03.2023 20:42,

The UN's final IPCC report warns that drastic action must be taken immediately, but staving off disaster is within humanity's grasp.

NASA Selects Repairs Operations Maintenance and Engineering Contractor

21.03.2023 20:25, NASA Breaking News

NASA has selected ASRC Federal Facilities Logistics, LLC, of Beltsville, Maryland for the Repairs, Operations, Maintenance and Engineering (ROME) contract.

New 'Star Wars Jedi: Survivor' trailer shows off breathtaking lightsaber combat (video)

21.03.2023 20:00,

"Star Wars Jedi: Survivor" just got new plot details, gameplay images and screenshots ahead of its release in April.

Big asteroids hit Earth more frequently than thought, study suggests

21.03.2023 19:01,

Four big asteroids hit Earth in the past million years alone, according to a new study, suggesting that the space-rock danger is higher than previously thought. But not everyone agrees with the result....

DART mission reveals asteroid Dimorphos is dry as a bone

21.03.2023 19:00,

Careful scrutiny of the debris from the impact of NASA's DART mission into Dimorphos has not found any evidence for water ice on the asteroid, nor the residue of thruster fuel from the spacecraft....

NASA Seeks Student Solutions for Managing Moon Landing Dust Cloud

21.03.2023 17:51, NASA Breaking News

As NASA and industry partners develop new human landing systems to transport astronauts from lunar orbit to the Moon’s surface and back as part of Artemis, the agency is asking university students to investigate solutions to one particularly dusty...

Private Japanese moon lander reaches lunar orbit

21.03.2023 17:36,

The Hakuto-R moon lander entered lunar orbit late Monday night (March 20), notching a huge milestone for the Japanese company ispace and private spaceflight in general....

Building block of life found in sample from asteroid Ryugu

21.03.2023 17:01,

An organic compound that's part of the RNA molecules that transmit genetic information in cells has been discovered in samples from the asteroid Ryugu, suggesting the stuff of life came from space....

Watch Jupiter meet the moon and Mercury this week before leaving the night sky

21.03.2023 16:00,

Jupiter will meet up with the moon before joining Mercury in late March, after which it will disappear in the glare of the sun until it reappears in May....

Mysterious radio signal reveals intricate core of distant galaxy cluster

21.03.2023 15:00,

Astronomers have discovered several fascinating features in galaxy cluster Abell 1213 such as a central galaxy with a 1.66 million light-year-long radio "tail" and remains of galactic mergers....

Spot dwarf planet Ceres during the new moon tonight

21.03.2023 14:00,

The dark skies of the new moon will offer skywatchers the chance to spot Ceres tonight (March 21), as the dwarf planet reaches opposition.

Následky srážky sondy DART s planetkou Dimorphos: První výsledky pozorování teleskopy ESO

21.03.2023 14:00, ESO Top News (CZ)

Dva astronomické týmy sledovaly pomocí dalekohledu ESO/VLT následky srážky kosmické sondy DART s menší složkou binárního asteroidu Didymos-Dimorphos. Cílený střet je považován za první test ‚planetární obrany‘ před potenciálně nebezpečnými tělesy....

First results from ESO telescopes on the aftermath of DART’s asteroid impact

21.03.2023 14:00, ESO Top News

Using ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT), two teams of astronomers have observed the aftermath of the collision between NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft and the asteroid Dimorphos. The controlled impact was a test of...