NASA telescope spots 'cosmic fireworks' and faint echos from the Milky Way's supermassive black hole

13.06.2024 22:00,

NASA's NuSTAR telescope found evidence of cosmic fireworks and X-ray echoes coming from the Milky Way's supermassive black hole Sagittarius A*....

NASA Announces New System to Aid Disaster Response

13.06.2024 22:00, NASA Breaking News

In early May, widespread flooding and landslides occurred in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, leaving thousands of people without food, water, or electricity. In the following days, NASA teams provided data and imagery to help...


13.06.2024 21:49, NASA Breaking News

NSTGRO Homepage Claire LesslerUniversity of ChicagoPrecision Spectroscopic Calibration and Next-Generation Millimeter-Wave Spectrometers Miron LiuUniversity of MichiganDevelopment of a Magnetically Shielded Hall Thruster without Pole Erosion...

Billion-dollar disasters have been sweeping across the US this year

13.06.2024 21:25,

There have been nearly a dozen billion-dollar disasters so far this year, with two powerful severe weather events adding to the list in May....

NASA’s Webb Reveals Long-Studied Star Is Actually Twins

13.06.2024 20:56, NASA Breaking News

Managed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory through launch, Webb’s Mid-Infrared Instrument also revealed jets of gas flowing into space from the twin stars. Scientists recently got a big surprise from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope when they...

'The spacecraft really reacted great:' NASA astronauts praise Boeing Starliner’s performance (video)

13.06.2024 20:30,

The first astronauts to fly Boeing's new Starliner vehicle have spoken of the spacecraft in glowing terms.

NASA’s RASC-AL Competition Selects 2024 Winners  

13.06.2024 20:14, NASA Breaking News

Out of 14 finalist teams that encompassed collegiate and university representation from across the globe, the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University team with their concept, “Project Draupnir,” in the AI-Powered Self-Replicating Probe...

Bark! Meow! Cluck! NASA uses lasers to beam pictures of pet dogs, cats and chickens to the ISS

13.06.2024 20:00,

NASA is testing how infrared light can transfer far more information than radio frequency communications.

‘NASA in the Park’ Returns to Rocket City June 22

13.06.2024 20:00, NASA Breaking News

NASA in the Park is coming back to Big Spring Park East in Huntsville, Alabama, on Saturday, June 22, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. CDT. The event is free and open to the public. NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, its partners, and collaborators will...

Sea Ice Swirls

13.06.2024 19:41, NASA Breaking News

NASA’s Terra satellite captured floating fragments of sea ice as ocean currents carried them south along Greenland’s east coast on June 4, 2024. This ice traveled from the Fram Strait, a 450-kilometer (280-mile)-wide passage between Greenland and...

NASA's Chandra X-ray telescope captures closest super star cluster to Earth (image)

13.06.2024 19:00,

NASA's Chandra X-ray space telescope has imaged Westerlund 1, the largest and closest super star cluster to Earth, in stunning detail....

Flag Day 2024 – One Small Flag’s Incredible Journey

13.06.2024 18:59, NASA Breaking News

This article tells the story of one small American flag fortunate enough to be singled out from a group of one thousand flags just like it and embark on an incredible journey. The other 999 flags likely ended up as gifts, but this one flag had a...

Flag Day – One Small Flag’s Incredible Journey

13.06.2024 18:28, NASA Breaking News

This article is for students grades 5-8. This story tells the tale of one small American flag fortunate enough to embark on an incredible journey. It wasn’t the first flag to ride into space, or the most famous flag that went into space...

California Teams Win $1.5 Million in NASA’s Break the Ice Lunar Challenge

13.06.2024 18:18, NASA Breaking News

By Savannah Bullard After two days of live competitions, two teams from southern California are heading home with a combined $1.5 million from NASA’s Break the Ice Lunar Challenge.  Since 2020, competitors from around the world have competed...

Mars meteorites reveal clues about what lies within the Red Planet

13.06.2024 18:00,

Volcanic meteorites from Mars give scientists a glimpse into the planet's structure.

NASA’s Perseverance Fords an Ancient River to Reach Science Target

13.06.2024 17:54, NASA Breaking News

Originally thought of as little more than a route clear of rover-slowing boulders, Neretva Vallis has provided a bounty of geologic options for the science team.    After detouring through a dune field to avoid wheel-rattling boulders,...

Ariane 6

13.06.2024 17:29, ESA Top News

Ariane 6 Ariane 6

Scientists find a surprise ingredient in exoplanet cake mix — sulfur dioxide

13.06.2024 17:00,

The presence of sulfur dioxide around a hot Neptune exoplanet with an evaporating atmosphere could help us understand how it formed....

Hubble Telescope maps high-speed 'burps' from nearby feeding supermassive black hole for 1st time

13.06.2024 16:00,

Hubble has mapped the outflow "burps" of a nearby feeding supermassive black hole-powered quasar for the first time, measuring speeds of 6.5 million mph, around 8,500 times the speed of sound....

Secrets of radioactive 'promethium' — a rare earth element with mysterious applications — uncovered after 80-year search

13.06.2024 15:00,

Scientists have revealed key properties of radioactive promethium, a rare earth element with poorly understood applications, using a groundbreaking new method....