Through Astronaut Eyes, Virtual Reality Propels Gateway Forward  

09.04.2024 18:08, NASA Breaking News

NASA astronauts are using virtual reality to explore Gateway. When they slip on their headsets, they're not just seeing the station—they're in it, meticulously surveying every detail and offering crucial insights on design and functionality.

Making Ultra-fast Electron Measurements in Multiple Directions to Reveal the Secrets of the Aurora

09.04.2024 16:56, NASA Breaking News

The energetic electrons that drive the aurora borealis (the northern lights) have a rich and very dynamic structure that we currently do not fully understand.  Much of what we know about these electrons comes from instruments that have fundamental...

NASA Wallops Launches 3 Rockets During Eclipse in Virginia

09.04.2024 16:35, NASA Breaking News

Three Black Brant IX sounding rockets launched from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia April 8, 2024, during the solar eclipse. The rockets launched for the Atmospheric Perturbations around Eclipse Path (APEP) mission to study the...

Future quantum computers will be no match for 'space encryption' that uses light to beam data around — with the 1st satellite launching in 2025

09.04.2024 16:00,

Quantum computers will break encryption one day. But converting data into light particles and beaming them around using thousands of satellites might be one way around this problem....

NASA Shares Medical Expertise with New Space Station Partners

09.04.2024 16:00, NASA Breaking News

NASA is opening access to space for more people by working with private industry on the development of new commercial space stations for low Earth orbit where the agency’s astronauts could fly in the future. New commercial space stations will be...

NASA’s Lola Fatoyinbo Receives Royal Geographical Society Prize

09.04.2024 16:00, NASA Breaking News

Dr. Lola Fatoyinbo, a research scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, received the Esmond B. Martin Royal Geographical Society (RGS) Prize on April 8 in London. The prize, according to the RGS, recognizes...

60 Years Ago: Gemini 1 Flies a Successful Uncrewed Test Flight

09.04.2024 14:32, NASA Breaking News

On April 8, 1964, Gemini 1 successfully completed the first uncrewed test flight of the Gemini spacecraft and its Titan II booster. The three-orbit mission proved the structural integrity of the spacecraft and the launch vehicle, paving the way...

The solar eclipse is over! Here's what to do with your eclipse glasses

09.04.2024 14:00,

Astronomers Without Borders has set up collection centers across the U.S. and Canada to recycle gently used eclipse glasses, which will be donated to underserved communities for future eclipses....

What to do next with your solar viewing kit after the 2024 solar eclipse

09.04.2024 14:00,

After the eclipse on April 8, here's what you can do next with your solar-specific kit.

Annular solar eclipse 2024: Everything you need to know about the next solar eclipse

09.04.2024 14:00,

The next solar eclipse will be an annular solar eclipse on Oct. 14, 2024. The 'ring of fire' will be visible across the Pacific Ocean and South America....

From NASA’s First Astronaut Class to Artemis II: The Importance of Military Jet Pilot Experience

09.04.2024 14:00, NASA Breaking News

The Mercury 7 On April 9, 1959, reporters and news media crammed into the ballroom of the Dolley Madison House in Washington—the location of NASA Headquarters at that time—to learn the names of the first American astronauts who came to be known as...

When is the next total solar eclipse in the US?

09.04.2024 12:00,

The next total solar eclipse to hit the United States will be in 2033, but it will only be visible in Alaska. The Lower 48 won't get one until 2044....

Total solar eclipse 2024 thrills millions across North America (video, photos)

08.04.2024 23:13,

The total solar eclipse of 2024 thrilled millions of people who turned up to watch the celestial event unfold across North America....

Total solar eclipse 2024 has begun and here are the first views!

08.04.2024 21:10,

This year's first solar eclipse, the total solar eclipse 2024 has officially begun!

Total solar eclipse 2024: Pictures from around the web

08.04.2024 20:08,

It's total solar eclipse day, April 8, and we're rounding up the best images of the phenomenon on social media....

NASA Names Finalists of the Power to Explore Challenge

08.04.2024 18:01, NASA Breaking News

NASA has selected the nine finalists of the Power to Explore Challenge, a national competition for K-12 students featuring the enabling power of radioisotopes. NASA selected nine finalists out of the 45 semifinalist student essays in the Power to...

In Indiana, the best spot to see the 2024 solar eclipse is wherever you are

08.04.2024 14:19,

Indiana is in the path of totality for the 2024 solar eclipse, and the state's residents have different ideas about the best spot to watch the event unfold....

Chasing the 2024 solar eclipse means dorm life for some New York spectators (including me)

08.04.2024 12:00,

I really thought I left dorm life behind 20 years ago. But just when I thought I was out, the 2024 total solar eclipse pulled me back in....

The total solar eclipse 2024 is happening today! Here's what you need to know

08.04.2024 06:35,

A total solar eclipse will be visible across North America on April 8 and millions are ready to watch.

Maya nobility performed bloodletting sacrifices to strengthen a 'dying' sun god during solar eclipses

07.04.2024 22:00,

The Maya created a complex calendar system to regulate their world — one of the most accurate of pre-modern times....